Solebox® x adidas Consortium Ultra Boost Uncaged

First look

We finally got our hands on the Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra Boost Uncaged - better late than never - and with this being the second official uncaged Ultra Boost, it's interesting to see which collaborations will feature the cageless look again after numerous attempts by buyers to uncage theirs for various reasons.

Check out the shots below:


Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra Boost Uncaged Heel Cup

Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra Boost Uncaged insole

Solebox x adidas Consortium Ultra Boost Uncaged outsole


Coming in a special box that screams class, the Solebox x adidas Consortium shoebox has mainly burgundy all around, with gold accents, and a leather-like texture. 

A look at the absence of a cage, and the first thing that springs to mind is the loss of the shoe's structure, whereby it'll be usually held by the stitched cages on both the medial and lateral side.

That aside, the stitched suede heel cup replacing the plastic one on the GRs were a premium touch, with Solebox branding on the lateral side. The collaboration also features a soft, wool-like grey Primeknit upper, a complementing buttery smooth suede heel cup, and mesh in a different accent above it completes the different materials used in this collaboration.

There are 2 extra set of laces - the original grey rope laces with red aglets and red rope laces in the same shade with the red tips.

The matching reds on the shoe is a pleasing contrast, with the red outsole giving a touch of vibrancy to what may seem like a muted colourway. Complementing it perfectly are the lace tips, which gives the shoe a pop of colour along with the outsole and insole, which features Solebox and adidas branding on each side respectively.


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